Friday, October 12, 2012

Debate Suprs Debate

Conversations continue about the Vice Presidential Debate from last night, October 11.

Pundits and news commontators will continue to hash this issue until another headline makes it's way to the top of the story list for the day.

But did you watch the debate? Do you care? Does the VP debate have any influence on who you will vote for in November?

What do you think? Does the VP Debate help you decide which party has ideas that more closely match yours?

VP Debate

Watch the 9 News Coverage with Ryan Frazier and Andrew Romanoff for a debate wrap up.

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  1. Mr. Ryan claimed that both JFK and Reagan lowered taxes and revenue growth followed. That's certainly not true. In Kennedy's case growth and prosperity did overcome the recession he inherited but it was record deficit spending and record peace time debt that fueled the growth. He never got a tax bill passed in his lifetime. It was LBJ who passed his plan in 1964 after the prosperous times were well under way. Reagan raised taxes eleven times with unemployment topping out at over 10% a full two years after he took over.
    Ryan condemned the "green pork" in the stimulus even though he requested stimulus funds for such projects in his own district. Such hypocrisy!