Monday, October 8, 2012

Pirate Homecoming Results!

2012 Genoa-Hugo Homecoming Royalty:

Keith Schafer / Eastern Colorado Plainsman
2nd grade attendants:    Evan Mayo, Isabella Hernandez, Jadi Lockhart
Freshmen:          Kaeli Humphrey            Cody Hurtado
Sophomores:        Rebecca Kraxberger        Bryson Tucker
Juniors:            Hannah Clark            Josiah Higgins
Senior Attendants:    Haili Powers            Zach Bray       
Homecoming King:    Jacob Piper
Homecoming Queen:    Kristen Shelton

Winners, 2012 Genoa-Hugo Homecoming Parade:
Primary:             1st place:         1st grade
                           2nd place/TIE:          Preschool & Kindergarten
                           3rd place:        2nd grade

Elementary:        1st place:        5th grade
                            2nd place:        4th grade
Bicycles, 3rd grade:
                            1st place:        Colby Simmons
                            2nd place:        Glorya Carr
                            3rd place:        Kaitlyn Boger

Middle School    1st place:        8th grade
                            2nd place:        7th grade
                            3rd place:        6th grade

High School:        1st place:        Seniors
                             2nd place:        Freshmen
                             3rd place:        Sophomores
                             4th place:        Juniors

Honored Classes:  1st place:        Class of ‘62
                              2nd place:        Class of ‘87
                              3rd place:        Class of ‘52
                              4th place:        Class of ‘42
                              5th place/TIE:        Classes of ’82 & ‘92
Alumni:                 Class of ‘59

Miscellaneous:     1st place:        Lincoln Community Hospital & Nursing Home
                             2nd place:        Jet Bailey & Branding Iron Ca-Faye
                             3rd place:        Genoa-Hugo FFA
                             4th place:        Click-it or Ticket Crash Test Dummies
THANK YOU to all who participated including the Lincoln County Fair Royalty, the Hugo Fire Dept. and the judges.  Go Pirates!

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