Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wild visitor to Hugo

By: Charles W. Hoffman
Well, I suppose "Wild" is a subjective term, as this small critter seems to be quite tame.

Have you seen this little visitor to the town of Hugo?

This juvenile deer has been wandering around Hugo for  several days now, making quite the talk about town.

He appears to have been hit by a car, but does not seem to have any serious injuries from that accident short of some scrapes and missing hair.

The animal is very friendly, even allowing me to scratch his head while he tried to figure out what I was doing with my camera.

Authorities say that they are not sure why the animal is so tame, and it is not normal for wild animals to let you touch them. They are afraid that the animal may be sick, and made an attempt to capture it on Wednesday.

If you come across a wild animal that appears to be injured or sick, leave it alone and call authorities. They could become scared and try to hurt you, or they could be carrying a disease that could hurt you.  Fight the urge to pet the cute animals and call authorities.

We are working on a followup story to the capture attempt for next week's edition.

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