Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rosler enters plea

Rosler pleas guilty

By Will Bublitz

 At the Lincoln County Courthouse in Hugo last Friday, July 26, a Limon nurse pleaded guilty to a felony charge that she stole from one of her patients.

Manacled and wearing an orange Lincoln County Jail jumpsuit, Dallas Rosler entered a guilty plea to one count of Theft from an At-Risk Adult, a Class 3 felony. In addition, the 37-year-old Licensed Practical Nurse admitted to violating probation on a 2012 deferred judgment on a guilty plea to an earlier case of stealing from a patient in her care.

After accepting the guilty plea, Judge Jeffrey K. Holmes of the 18th Judicial District Court ordered Rosler to appear back in the courtroom on September 20 for sentencing.

Rosler’s guilty plea on the felony charge resulted from her May 7 arrest by the Limon Police Department who accused her of identity theft and theft from an at-risk adult. Rosler, who was hired as a caregiver of an elderly woman at her residence three days a week, allegedly used that woman’s credit card to pay personal bills.

At the time of her May 7 arrest, Rosler was on probation for her July 2012 deferred judgment on a guilty plea to charges of one count of Theft Against an At-Risk Adult (Class 5 felony) and one count of Theft (Class 2 misdemeanor). Under the terms of a plea agreement, she had received a two-year deferred judgment and two years of mandatory probation to run concurrently.

Those 2012 charges resulted from a Lincoln County Sheriff’s investigation of Rosler who had been working as a nurse for the Home Health & Hospice Service of Lincoln Community Hospital in Hugo. The Sheriff’s Office was asked to investigate Rosler by the hospital’s administrators after the family of an elderly Karval woman had complained that $200 cash and some bracelets had disappeared from her house after visits by Rosler.

Looking into those allegations, Sheriff’s investigators decided to install a hidden video camera in the elderly woman’s house. The camera was positioned to record the view of a dresser where cash was kept.

According to the Sheriff’s written investigation report, Rosler was seen on the videotapes to be opening the dresser’s drawers on two occasions. On the last occasion, the report stated that $100 in cash was discovered to be missing from the dresser after Rosler’s visit.

As a result of her 2012 arrest, Rosler was fired by the Lincoln Community Hospital. She was working as an independent caregiver at the time of her arrest  last May by the Limon Police.

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