Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lincoln County Election Results

2013 Lincoln County Election Results

Limon School District RE-4J
School Board Director- Four Year Term

***Final results cannot be reported until official canvas of the election is completed after November 13***

Troy Jaklich 428
Wendy A. Pottorff 354
Craig Austin Bailey 546
Jarred Masterson 164
Wendy Dunaway 352
Cindy Tacha 147
Carrie West 322

Ballot Issue 3A:
Matching Money General Obligation Bond    Yes 663 /No  207

Crowley County School District No. RE. 4-J
Board of Education- Four Year Term

Rose Lovato 2
Tyler Karney 13
Leif. R. Berg 11
William R. Gray 12
Daryl Geringer 7

Board of Education- Two Year Term

Wendy Jo Geringer 1
Matthew Albert Buhr 13
Erma Terrones Houston 0

Miami Yoder School District 60 JT
Director- Four Year Term

David R. Orcutt 31
Tami Sisneros 29
Kevin D. Gregg 31
Lyle Batton 31
Bo Wade McKnight 24
Dean P. Strouse 37

Referendum 1A:
                    Yes 806 NO 1005

Proposition AA (Statutory)
                    Yes 1173 No 655

Amendment 66 (Constitutional)
                    Yes 389 No 1441

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