Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wildhorse Roundup 1-2-14

Due to an early deadline for New Years Eve, we were unable to get the Wildhorse Roundup by Curtis Shrimp into the newspaper. We will have this, along with the news for next week in the paper, but just to keep everyone from falling behind, here is the Wildhorse Roundup for this week.

My son Steve took me to Denver for Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve at Deb’s folks, Frank and Jeannie Arellanes for a nice meal. There was a large crowd with a lot of presents. There was some good guitar playing and singing which is always nice. We spent Christmas at Steve and Deb’s house where thirty of us had a good meal and more presents and singing.

Steve brought me home on Thursday. Rusty, my dog, was sure glad to get home. Steve and LeeAnn bought me a new TV that I have to get used to with lots of channels. My neighbor Bill Skinner came over and set it up. He also brought me some beans he cooked to put in some canned chili without beans. I just ate some green chili, which was a little hot.

Our postmistress Susie Paintin, a real jewel, and her husband Tony, were guests at the home of Sandy Paintin for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

My daughter LeeAnn and girls called me today, Sunday, and we had a nice visit. Jessi and Jenni have to get back to school soon. They took some tests and done very well. They said it was raining with a lot of wind. The store gave all the help new uniforms that they wear to work. John has got some time off during the holidays.  Kirsti was home but has to get back to teaching. They have her teaching first grade and she said the children seem small. She used to teach fifth grade.

Well the Broncos really got after it today. Manning was doing so good he only had to play two quarters. We will see how the playoffs go.

Curtis said he didn’t know what he was going to do on New Year’s Eve; didn’t know if Steve was going to come get him or what. He said if he was home he would “whoop and holler” when the New Year came in.

Curtis will be celebrating his 99th birthday on January 19th.  He told me he quit chasing the girls and when I asked him why, he said he had a bum leg. Steve made an appointment for Curtis to see his doctor in January and hopefully he will get some relief from the pain in his leg.  Steve got him a walker which helps him get around Curtis said.

Thank you Curtis for your news and the joy you have brought to so many. We all love you!

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