Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wildhorse Roundup 1-30-14

Wildhorse Roundup

By Curtis Schrimp

I was wondering what to write when the phone rang and it was Allen Naugle. He gave me an idea. He asked if I had eaten dinner yet. Well I hadn’t so he said Luanna had fixed me some. So here he comes with beef and noodles, mashed potatoes, vegetables and strawberry jello so I forced myself to eat it. Some of my neighbors can be so nice.

I got some news when I was told to come to the hospital in Hugo for a checkup. When he got done he said Dr. Olsen would let me know how it came out. In a few days I got a letter on how it came out. It said everything was fine. Oh happy day. My neighbor Bill Skinner took me up. He is a good one.
Allen stopped in one day to tell me he had been to Burlington to get his car worked on. That is a long drive but he got it done.

LeeAnn called today for a little visit. Not a long one but we let one another know how we are doing. They don’t have any snow for skiing. They went up to the lake and done some ice skating. She said there were about fifty people up there. It reminds me of when we used to skate where Hammers live.  Lee would get on her hands and knees and I would jump over her and never missed once.

Well I don’t have much news except thinking of when April comes around. It will be exciting when the Broncos go for the championship.

Some more good news.  Bill is coming over to carry in a few pieces of wood for my wood burning stove.

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