Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wildhorse Roundup 2-6-14

Due to the terrible cold and vehicles that won't start,  This week's roundup will be in next weeks paper! But you can read it here now! 

Wildhorse Roundup

By Curtis Schrimp

I saw something on TV about the Amish in Colorado and I have a book about the settlements that failed and it’s about the Amish north of Wild Horse. It was close to where Julius Peterson lived. They finally moved away. It is quite a book. There was some of those folks through here a while back. Bill Skinner said he saw some with their beards and pretty clothes.

Do you suppose I should try to write anything about the Broncos after watching them play Sunday? They did have their trouble didn’t they. What could you write – mostly zeroes.

I had a phone call from Little Rock, Arkansas. Her name was Mary Finch. She and two friends came through here many years ago. There was two ladies and a man. They had three horses and two trailers where they could keep their horses and also sleep in. They stayed at Marty’s ranch for awhile and exercised the horses and then they were on their way to ride on a trail ride in Wyoming. She was very nice to remember us.

I was just remembering “throw another log on the fire”. I did but a little late, but it’s going now.
Allen and Luanna Naugle brought me two plates of dinner. They had been to church in Carson. They never forget me.

LeeAnn called me this Sunday morning. They didn’t have much to say. Her and John had been up to their cabin and enjoyed that. They always enjoy that. They haven’t had much snow but a lot of wind. At Oslo where Kirsti lives, they have a lot of snow. We sure didn’t have that out here.


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