Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bella's Sale Confirmed

We have confirmed that the Bella's market in Limon has sold to the Ford family from Flagler.
The Fords have successfully run the grocery store in Flagler for 63 years, and all indications show that this is a definite win for the Limon community.

Rumors have been flying for days about the sale of the troubled supermarket in Limon, much as they did in 2012 when the chain entered bankruptcy.

We have refrained from reporting anything until solid facts were available. 

The following is the text of the press release that Tony Ford has put out concerning the deal:

VM Williams LLC sells its Bella’s Market Stores in Limon and Stratton Colorado to Stop & Shop of Flagler Colorado

Effective July 30th, 2014, VM Williams LLC, a Colorado company licensing the Bella’s Market name, sold its store in Limon and Stratton to S&S Supermarket LLC of Flagler, Colo.
“We have been committed to Limon and Stratton since 2007 and have enjoyed serving their respective communities. However, the opportunity to sell these two stores to the Ford family of Flagler, Colo. was a good business decision and a good hand off of two great stores with great legacies to a local family,” stated Sam Mancini, President of Village Markets Holding Ltd.
Mancini also stated, “I have publicly stated that I have been disappointed with the recent level of service we have been forced to provide, however, due to ongoing litigation I can’t make further comment than that we have run excellent stores and saved stores in communities when others wouldn’t invest, including the big chains. We will continue to do that and look to the future.”
The Ford family has run a store in Flagler for over 63 years. Tony Ford stated, “We were glad to do business with Sam, he and his team have run good stores for a number of years, it’s a shame to see him have to deal with the things they have come up against. However, our dealings have always been good with him and this was no different.” “we are glad to have the stores and look forward to owning them and being involved in the community.”
Trey Ford, Tony’s son, is moving his family to Limon to oversee that store and the Stratton store. Trey commented, “our first order of business will be to get the store restocked, as Sam had planned, and to start running ads soon again thereafter.” He added, “it may take a couple of weeks, but we plan to stock up as quickly as practical, starting with perishables.”
The stores will be shut down for a few hours on Wednesday, July 30th, as is customary to take inventories, and will reopen thereafter. Going forward the stores will be named Limon Stop & Shop and Stratton Stop & Shop.

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