Saturday, January 31, 2015

Badgers at Hi Plains

Bager Girls vs. Hi Plains

The 2014-2015 Basketball Season continues Saturday with the the Limon Badgers traveling to Hi Plains to play the Patriot's girls and boys teams. Join Tim Andersen and crew as we bring you the Limon Badgers and the Hi Plain's boys and girls games this evening. Girls broadcast starts at 6:00 pm. The Boy's game will immediately follow.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Badger Boys vs Peyton

Lady Badgers vs Panthers

The 2014-2015 Basketball Season continues Friday (tonite) with the the Peyton Panthers traveling to Limon to play the Badger girls and boys teams. Join Tim Andersen and crew as we bring you the Limon Badgers and the Peyton boys and girls games this evening.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sonnenberg leads movement.

by Jerry Sonnenberg
 Representative Colorado District 65
Bertrand Russell, a British philosopher born in the 1800’s, once said, “With the introduction of agriculture mankind entered upon a long period of meanness, misery and madness, from which they are only now being freed by the beneficent operation of the machine.”

Representative Sonnenberg
He was talking about the evolution of farm machinery and how agriculture was being reformed by technology at the turn of the 20th century.

The 70th General Assembly convened on Jan. 7 and with the swearing in of new members. The legislature is now split with the Democrats retaining control of the House and Republicans taking the reins on the Senate. Although the only machine involved was the voting machine, I trust rural Colorado will be freed from the meanness, misery and madness of politics we have seen over the last two years.

I plan to help lead this effort in the State Senate by actually governing. I was humbled when leadership chose to appoint this farm boy from the Colorado plains as chairman of the Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee. As the only farmer in the legislature, I look forward to being the statesmen who defends our rural way of life.

The two largest economic drivers are located in rural Colorado: Energy production and agriculture (including water). Both of these economic drivers fall under the supervision of the Senate Ag Committee. One can expect both industries will garner huge debate in this legislative session.

I expect we will see the usual anti-fracking and anti-oil and gas legislation return as well as bills in support of the industry. The difference from years past will be the Senate can now stop unreasonable attacks on rural Colorado and the energy industry. Rest assured there will be a reasonable expectation that we continue to produce this countries energy in an environmentally conscious and safe manner while helping make this great country energy independent.

There are also issues relating to water that will again come before the legislature. Issues trying to address the inability for us to keep Colorado’s water in Colorado because of a lack of storage (as water leaves this state over and above our compact as you read this); high groundwater areas such as Sterling and the Gilcrest/LaSalle area; as well as ways to try and keep ag water from leaving the farm and going to the cities.

Whatever the issue, agriculture’s voice will be heard without the meanness, madness and misery.

Pilot runs out of fuel before making it to Hawaii!

Unbelievable video of pilot who had to ditch his SR22 aircraft before he made it to Hawaii!

World News Videos | ABC World News

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Badger Boys vs Cubs

Join us as Tim Andersen and crew broadcast the Badgers taking on the Simla Cubs at home.

Here come the Cubs

The 2014-2015 Basketball Season continues Tuesday(tonight) with the the Simla Cubs traveling to Limon to play the Badger girls and boys teams.

Join Tim Andersen and crew as we bring you the Limon Badgers and the Simla boys and girls games this evening. 

The boys game will be immediately after the girls game. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

State Speech awards

The Limon Speech Team performed very well at the 2015 State Speech Festival. 

We took 18 students and returned with 11 awards.

3rd Place -  Emma Gaede and Kerriana Tatum in Duet Acting Humor
4th Place – Alex Sullivan – Creative Storytelling
6th Place – Alice Allen – Contrasting Monologues
6th Place – Tucker Thompson – Humor Interpretation
8th Place – Rachel Calkum – Drama Interpretation
9th Place – Joe Stephen – Impromptu Speaking
9th Place – Madison Lengel – Humor Interpretation
9th Place – Joe Stephen & Tucker Thompson – Duet Acting Humor
11th Place – Cheyenne Hope – Impromptu Speaking
11th Place -  Joe Weisensee – One on One Value Debate

Excellent Awards:
     Veronica Younger in Impromptu Speaking
      Rachel Calkum in One on One Value Debate

Congratulations to all the LHS  students that participated this weekend.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Badgers vs. Eagles

Limon Badgers take on the Deertrail Eagles!

DeerTrail vs Lady Badgers

Lady Badgers take on Deertrail at home.

From highway to skyway!

By Will Bublitz

A Colorado State Patrol trooper with Limon’ Troop 3B office has been chosen to become a member of the CSP’s elite Aircraft Section.

Trooper Josiah Ii
Trooper Josiah Ii, a five-year State Patrol veteran, was selected to become one of the Aircraft Section’s five pilots. The Aircraft Section operates on a 24-hour basis providing transportation for state business, as well as performing traffic control and other missions.

“This is a dream come true for me,” Ii said. “I’ve always wanted to become a professional pilot and mix it with law enforcement. And now to do both with an amazing organization like the Colorado State Patrol is incredible. I’m in the clouds already. This is extremely exciting for me.”

For the past five years, Ii has been patrolling the local highways around Limon in one of the State Patrol’s Dodge Chargers. He is now trading it in for one of CSP’s aircraft.

“I’ll be flying a Cessna 182,” Ii said. “I’m already a qualified pilot but I have to go through the Aircraft Section’s training course. I’ll be learning not only about the aircraft, but how to assist the troopers on the ground with traffic enforcement and pursuits. After a year, I’ll be training on the other aircraft.”

The Aircraft Section has five aircraft including:  Beech King Air, a pressured, twin-engine aircraft capable of holding up to eight passengers; Cessna 340, a pressurized, four-passenger aircraft capable of 210 mph; a Cessna 182, turbo-charged, non-pressurized two-passenger aircraft; and two Cessna 182 non-pressurized, two-passenger aircraft.

Photo courtesy Civil Air Patrol
The State Patrol’s aviation unit is headquartered at Centennial Airport, but has one pilot and his aircraft located in Grand Junction. Ii’s new assignment is at Centennial.

Ii has been a Colorado State Trooper for five years after graduating from the 26-week CSP Academy at Camp George West in Golden. The State Patrol’s Limon office was his first assignment as a trooper.

“My aspiration right out of the Academy was to work in Eastern Colorado,” he said. “When the assignments were offered, I chose Limon. For the past five years, I’ve absolutely loved working here in rural Colorado and serving Lincoln and the other eastern counties.”

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Badgers vs. Thunderhawks Basketball

Join Tim Andersen and crew as we bring you the Limon Badgers and the Ellicott boys and girls games this evening.

Lady Badgers v.s. Ellicott Thunderhawks

Lady Badgers take on the Ellicott Thunderhawks. Broadcast begins at three, Boys games to follow.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Multi-County Chase Leads to Seizure of Marijuana

The Kiowa County Sheriff's office has released the following statement about Sunday's High Speed chase that cut through Lincoln County.

Seizure of 14 bales of marijuana

file photo from Ohio Stat Patrol
A high-speed chase that ensued following a routine traffic stop in Haswell, Colorado, (Kiowa County) has led to the arrest of two suspects and seizure of 14 bales of marijuana weighing about 300 pounds (total weight).

A Kiowa County Deputy stopped the 2010 Ford SUV late Sunday morning (January 11, 2015). The vehicle sped off across a series paved and unpaved roads, at times reaching speeds of 110 MPH. The vehicle left the road and traveled across pastures and through fences, and entered Cheyenne County.
The Lincoln County Sheriff Office intercepted the vehicle on US Highway 287/40 near Wild Horse and continued the pursuit further into Cheyenne County.

After leaving the road multiple times, the vehicle stopped near Cheyenne County Roads DD and 25. Two suspects abandoned the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot but were apprehended a short time later.

Multiple agencies, including law enforcement from Kiowa, Lincoln, Cheyenne, Kit Carson County, Hugo Marshall, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife were involved in the pursuit.

The bales of marijuana were in plain view in the vehicle. A further detailed search of the vehicle will be conducted once a warrant is secured. The investigation is ongoing.

While recreational use and sales of marijuana became legal in Colorado last year, laws and regulations do apply to growing and distributing the drug for either personal use or commercial sales. The drug also remains a controlled substance at the federal level despite the change in state law.

Kiowa County Sheriff's Office

Friday, January 9, 2015

Badger Boys vs Pirates... Local Match.

Limon vs Hugo....
Broadcast to follow girls game! Refresh your browser if the game is not available.

Lady Badgers vs Pirates

Badger fans? Pirate Fans? Either way, Watch LIVE HERE!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Ted Lyons Honored!

HONORED FOR SERVICE – Ted Lyons, the chairman of the Lincoln County Commissioners, was honored for his 12 years of service to the county with the presentation of a plaque during the board’s December 19 meeting.

 Lyons chose not to run for reelection. His position as District 1 commissioner is being filled by Ed E. Schifferns who was elected in the November 4, 2014 election.

Schifferns will be sworn in at the board’s meeting on January 13.