Thursday, January 22, 2015

From highway to skyway!

By Will Bublitz

A Colorado State Patrol trooper with Limon’ Troop 3B office has been chosen to become a member of the CSP’s elite Aircraft Section.

Trooper Josiah Ii
Trooper Josiah Ii, a five-year State Patrol veteran, was selected to become one of the Aircraft Section’s five pilots. The Aircraft Section operates on a 24-hour basis providing transportation for state business, as well as performing traffic control and other missions.

“This is a dream come true for me,” Ii said. “I’ve always wanted to become a professional pilot and mix it with law enforcement. And now to do both with an amazing organization like the Colorado State Patrol is incredible. I’m in the clouds already. This is extremely exciting for me.”

For the past five years, Ii has been patrolling the local highways around Limon in one of the State Patrol’s Dodge Chargers. He is now trading it in for one of CSP’s aircraft.

“I’ll be flying a Cessna 182,” Ii said. “I’m already a qualified pilot but I have to go through the Aircraft Section’s training course. I’ll be learning not only about the aircraft, but how to assist the troopers on the ground with traffic enforcement and pursuits. After a year, I’ll be training on the other aircraft.”

The Aircraft Section has five aircraft including:  Beech King Air, a pressured, twin-engine aircraft capable of holding up to eight passengers; Cessna 340, a pressurized, four-passenger aircraft capable of 210 mph; a Cessna 182, turbo-charged, non-pressurized two-passenger aircraft; and two Cessna 182 non-pressurized, two-passenger aircraft.

Photo courtesy Civil Air Patrol
The State Patrol’s aviation unit is headquartered at Centennial Airport, but has one pilot and his aircraft located in Grand Junction. Ii’s new assignment is at Centennial.

Ii has been a Colorado State Trooper for five years after graduating from the 26-week CSP Academy at Camp George West in Golden. The State Patrol’s Limon office was his first assignment as a trooper.

“My aspiration right out of the Academy was to work in Eastern Colorado,” he said. “When the assignments were offered, I chose Limon. For the past five years, I’ve absolutely loved working here in rural Colorado and serving Lincoln and the other eastern counties.”

In addition to his regular patrol duties, Ii has served as the Public Information Officer for the Limon Troop 3B office. He has become well known in the local communities for his safety program and other presentations at the local schools.

Ii’s opportunity to join the State Patrol’s Aircraft Section began a few months ago when it was announced that one of its pilot’s positions was opening up.

“I applied right away,” Ii said. “The requirements were that you had to be a trooper for at least two years and already a qualified pilot. I did both the oral and flight exams in the application process. The Aircraft Section was going to take the top applicant, and I was the lucky guy that got picked.”

After living and working in the Limon area for five years, Ii is now forced to say farewell.

“This is an exciting new assignment for me, but I feel sad to be leaving my friends in local law enforcement and the local communities,” he said. “I’m truly going to miss everybody. I had a couple of amazing supervisors at the Limon Troop 3B office with Sgt. Gerald Lamb and Cpl. Mike Carr. I owe them a lot. Without their guidance, I don’t believe I’d be where I’m at today. They always encouraged me to pursue my goals.”

Having gotten his dream job, Ii is encouraging local young people to check out the career opportunities that the CSP has to offer.

“If anyone has similar dreams, the Colorado State Patrol is a wonderful place to work and fulfill them,” he said. “They are always looking for high-caliber people, especially from the local communities around here. Go to the Colorado State Patrol’s website and learn more about its Academy.”

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