Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Multi-County Chase Leads to Seizure of Marijuana

The Kiowa County Sheriff's office has released the following statement about Sunday's High Speed chase that cut through Lincoln County.

Seizure of 14 bales of marijuana

file photo from Ohio Stat Patrol
A high-speed chase that ensued following a routine traffic stop in Haswell, Colorado, (Kiowa County) has led to the arrest of two suspects and seizure of 14 bales of marijuana weighing about 300 pounds (total weight).

A Kiowa County Deputy stopped the 2010 Ford SUV late Sunday morning (January 11, 2015). The vehicle sped off across a series paved and unpaved roads, at times reaching speeds of 110 MPH. The vehicle left the road and traveled across pastures and through fences, and entered Cheyenne County.
The Lincoln County Sheriff Office intercepted the vehicle on US Highway 287/40 near Wild Horse and continued the pursuit further into Cheyenne County.

After leaving the road multiple times, the vehicle stopped near Cheyenne County Roads DD and 25. Two suspects abandoned the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot but were apprehended a short time later.

Multiple agencies, including law enforcement from Kiowa, Lincoln, Cheyenne, Kit Carson County, Hugo Marshall, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife were involved in the pursuit.

The bales of marijuana were in plain view in the vehicle. A further detailed search of the vehicle will be conducted once a warrant is secured. The investigation is ongoing.

While recreational use and sales of marijuana became legal in Colorado last year, laws and regulations do apply to growing and distributing the drug for either personal use or commercial sales. The drug also remains a controlled substance at the federal level despite the change in state law.

Kiowa County Sheriff's Office

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