Monday, January 26, 2015

State Speech awards

The Limon Speech Team performed very well at the 2015 State Speech Festival. 

We took 18 students and returned with 11 awards.

3rd Place -  Emma Gaede and Kerriana Tatum in Duet Acting Humor
4th Place – Alex Sullivan – Creative Storytelling
6th Place – Alice Allen – Contrasting Monologues
6th Place – Tucker Thompson – Humor Interpretation
8th Place – Rachel Calkum – Drama Interpretation
9th Place – Joe Stephen – Impromptu Speaking
9th Place – Madison Lengel – Humor Interpretation
9th Place – Joe Stephen & Tucker Thompson – Duet Acting Humor
11th Place – Cheyenne Hope – Impromptu Speaking
11th Place -  Joe Weisensee – One on One Value Debate

Excellent Awards:
     Veronica Younger in Impromptu Speaking
      Rachel Calkum in One on One Value Debate

Congratulations to all the LHS  students that participated this weekend.

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