Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Parker Ag Merger.

By Will Bublitz

Parker Ag Services, a longtime business headquartered in Limon, is proud to announce it is changing its name following a recent merger with another Colorado-based company. 

On January 1, Parker Ag Services officially became “Veris Environmental” after it merged with Liquid Waste Management, Inc. of Longmont, Colorado. The merger was the culmination of two years of negotiations between the two companies. The newly merged company will continue to be headquartered in Limon, with additional administrative offices in Longmont and a service facility and offices in Platteville, Colo.

Bob Harlow will continue in the role of Chief Executive Officer. He has worked for Parker Ag since 2005, becoming its CEO and general manager in 2009.

 “This merger is a consolidation of two companies, whereby the strengths of each company are multiplied many times over,” Harlow said. “Going forward, we will be able to leverage the strengths of each company allowing us to operate more efficiently and be more competitive in the marketplace.

Even though our two companies have merged, the only thing that most people here in Limon will notice is that we’ll be changing the sign on the front of the building and our vehicles.”

Parker Ag and Liquid Waste Management both specialized in the safe removal of “biosolids” from wastewater sanitary facilities operated by municipalities, industries and agricultural companies.

“Our two companies have historically provided essentially the same services in a little different way,” Harlow said. “It’s our goal to implement the best practices from each company to have Veris Environmental become the premier provider of solids handling not just in Colorado but nationwide.

“Because our industry is so decentralized we really have no opportunity to increase our geographical influence. This merger is really about increasing our efficiency and lowering our overall costs which can then be passed onto our customers, the municipalities and governmental entities that serve you and I the taxpayers. Ultimately this is good for the citizens of Colorado and beyond.”

Going forward, Veris Environmental will continue to specialize in the safe removal of “biosolids” from municipal, industrial and agricultural sanitary wastewater treatment facilities.

“For those who aren’t familiar with what Veris Environmental does, a wastewater treatment facility can treat the liquid waste water to the point of release back into the waters of the United States,” Harlow said. “The associated solids from the treatment process must be disposed of in a manner consistent with U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment and various county regulations.”

Veris Environmental’s preferred method of handling is to beneficially reuse the biosolids via land application to cropland.

“This not only provides an economical solution for biosolids management to our customers, it also provides an economical source of nitrogen for the farmers in the communities we serve,” Harlow said. “Out of necessity, our industry has taken a natural part of our ecosystem and mechanized it.

Without this industry our society would be set back several hundred years with our overall quality of life being reduced for many reasons, including the return of diseases associated with poor sanitation and cleanliness.”

Parker Ag Services, LLC was founded by Kipp Parker in 1988 as a farm management business. It later expanded its services to include handling biosolids. The first land application of biosolids by Parker Ag land took place in southeastern Colorado in 1993. From these humble beginnings, it has grown steadily to become one of the premier providers of biosolids services in the region with offices here in Limon and a sister company, AWS Dredge located in Benson, Utah that was acquired in January of 2012.

Liquid Waste Management was purchased from McDonald Farms in 1986 by the father-son team of Jim and Jay Holmes of Longmont. Along with its offices in Longmont, the company also had a shop facility and offices in Platteville, Colorado.

The combined staff of the two companies gives Veris Environmental several hundred years of experience at biosolids handling and in the clean water industry. Jay Holmes, the past president of Liquid Waste Management, has become the new Chief Operating Officer of Veris Environmental with the rest of the Liquid Waste staff becoming part of the new company as well.

“Prior to their January 1 merger, both Parker Ag Services and Liquid Waste Management had each developed a strong base of loyal customers and were individually committed to a level of service that made them equal rivals in the Colorado Market,” Harlow said. “As Veris Environmental, we’ll continue to strive to be a leader in our industry and a good corporate neighbor in the communities in which we work.”

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