Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weather Preparedness

By: Christopher Schroeder

Are you prepared for a Severe Thunderstorm? What about a Tornado? Do you have a plan for when the Tornado Siren sounds again? All of these questions and more will be answered with the new Meteorological Research and Education Organization’s Classes coming to Limon. 

In 1990 an F3 tornado tore through downtown Limon. The tornado took two lives and injured 14 more. Not only did the tornado leave physical scars in the town, but it left emotional scares in the community. It has been almost 25 years since this tornado took a chunk of Limon History, and it is still a possibility for it to happen again. 

The community has had a longing desire to learn more about storms, and how to better prepare for when the next big one hits. Our classes will take time to answer all the questions you have about severe weather in the Limon area, and will also give a helpful look at what you can do to prepare your home, and your family. 

Now, I should introduce myself, my name is Christopher Schroeder, President of the Meteorological Research and Education Organization. MEREO is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to education of the public on severe weather events. We are one of the few 501c(3) tax deductible organizations geared for general education of weather, and Limon is our 7th city added to this education line.

This is the first summer to be teaching in Limon, and to kick off this fantastic new location, I will be teaching MEREO’s number one class, our thunderstorm preparedness course. In this course we cover how to prepare for high winds, large hail, heavy rains, and lightning. Since we are a non-profit organization all of our preparedness classes are free to the public. We hope that you and your entire family will join us at our teachings here in Limon.

To learn more about this class, and others offered from MEREO, please visit our website at www.mereowx.org. Or you can email us at c.schroeder@mereowx.org for additional information about the classes.

Event: Thunderstorm Preparedness
Location: Limon Community Center; 477 D Ave, Limon, CO
Time: 9am-11am
Cost: Free (Donations Accepted.)

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