Friday, June 5, 2015

Remembering the Cozy

By Mary Jane Hoffman

As I drive by the old Cozy Bar, I see it is being torn down. Forty years ago it was a wild and crazy place as some of you will remember.

 Carolee Thomas, one of my most favorite people in the world, ran the restaurant and bar, and the good times did roll. With live music and lots of regulars to hear the “Kountry Kousins” play. I remember tending bar, one of my many talents, and one night watching a cowboy, (I won’t tell you his name) come in the front door riding his horse down the line between the booths and the bar that ran the length of the place.”

I met my husband there, one Warren Hoffman, who was the yard foreman at the Limon Sale Barn. We flirted and danced until closing time. Only later to find he was dancing on a broken foot, having been stepped on by a bull earlier in the day during the sale.

As the years went by, one of my girls and one of Warren’s by a previous marriage both got their first jobs there. I want to say they were 12-years-old and doing the dishes in the back of the restaurant. You can’t put 12-year-olds to work now, but in those days it was an accepted way to teach young people a good work ethic, which I will say is still with them today.

I have many memories of the Cozy. I’m pretty sure a lot of the now older people, still in Limon have memories too.

Anyway, the only sure thing in life is that things will change. And it is with a bit of regret that I say goodbye to the Cozy Bar and Restaurant. But I have not forgotten the good times we had.
I hope some of you will smile when you read this and remember with me, when we were young and sometimes stupid, but we did have fun.

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