Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Voice of Town Hall

By Will Bublitz

If you phone the Town of Limon or stop by its office, the first person you’ll probably be talking with is Wendy Pottorff, the Deputy Town Clerk and Billing Clerk.

Wendy has served in those two positions since February 2009.

“I really like my job, but it’s a lot of work,” she said. “Before I started working here, I didn’t realize how much the Town of Limon’s employees actually do. Like so many people, I always assumed it all just magically got done, but it takes a lot of time and effort by our town’s staff who are busy all the time.”

As the town’s Billing Clerk, Wendy is responsible for the billing of utilities to home and business owners.

“That’s billing for water, sewer and trash,” she said. “I print all the bills once a month. We have 900 accounts, both residences and businesses.”

Wendy also handles any complaints about the town’s services.

“I hear all the complaints we get about water, sewer or trash problems,” she said. “Basically I’m the first contact a resident has with the Town of Limon because I answer the phone at the office.”
In addition to handling billing and complaints, Wendy handles the deposits of the income generated by the town’s Tamarack Golf Course and Limon Municipal Pool. She also handles the scheduling and registration for those wanting to use the Limon Community Building.

While her job is demanding, Wendy said she really enjoys it because it gives her the opportunity to talk with so many different residents of the town.

“I like people,” she said. “I especially enjoy it when they stop by the office and we get the chance to visit a little. Since I started working here, I’ve gotten to know a lot of residents I didn’t know before. Another reason why I like this job is that I love Limon. By working here, I feel like I’m helping the town and its people.”

Wendy’s sense of community responsibility extends to its children and their education. She ran as a candidate and was elected in November 2013 as a member of the Limon Board of Education.
“I like being on the school board,” she said. “It’s had its ups and downs because of the current school construction project, but it’s exciting to see the new building going up.

“And as a school board member, budget issues are always a concern because the state keeps cutting funding to school districts. There never seems to be enough money to go around. But at the Limon School, the kids are getting a good education because we have a good staff that does a great job.”
In recent months, Wendy has further expanded her efforts to support local education. Last December, she was elected to the Board of Directors of the Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB).
“I represent Region 2 which is the central plains of the state,” she said. “We help manage CASB’s budget and provide training to the school boards. Another big part of our work is going to the state legislature to argue for the needs of districts on funding and testing.”

Her involvement in the Limon School also includes keeping the varsity record book for both the boys and girls basketball teams.

“I started doing the record keeping after my daughter Kelly graduated from Limon High School in 2002,” she said. “I did it because I wanted to stay connected with the kids in this town.”
Wendy’s strong belief participation and community responsibility developed while she was growing up in the local area. Born to Janice and Stanley Whittiker, Wendy grew up in Arriba with her two sisters and brother. While attending Arriba High School, she was a cheerleader, Student Council vice president, junior class president, and a member of Future Business Leaders of America and Future Homemakers of America.

After graduating, Wendy married and had a child who is Chris Jones, the current manager of Limon’s Loaf N Jug store.

Following a divorce, Wendy then attended Northeastern Junior College in Sterling where she earned an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education. Following graduation, she moved to Burlington where she became the director of the Wee Blew Inn Preschool for a year.

“Then I got married to Terry Pottorff and we had three more children, Kyle who now lives and works in Denver, and Kelly Pottorff, who is a Chiropractor working here in Limon,” she said. “When those two kids were old enough for preschool, I went back to work as the director of Wee Blew Inn Preschool. During that time, I then gave birth to my third son Kirk, who now works as the supervisor of the Pershing Memorial Cemetery in Limon.”

After working as the preschool director in Burlington for 11 years, Wendy and her family moved to Byers. While living there, she worked as a director/teacher at the Discovery Time Preschool in Strasburg for 11 years.

In 1989, Wendy and her family moved to Limon, but after a year they moved to Holyoke where her husband Terry was hired as the principal of its school.

“After about two years in Holyoke, our daughter Kelly wanted to graduate from Limon High School, so we moved back and we’ve been here ever since.”

After returning to Limon, Wendy decided to try something different and worked for Parker Ag. She later became the WIC (Women, Infants and Children) coordinator for Lincoln County and held that position for about four years. During that time, she also took a weekend job working at Limon’s Holiday Inn Express.

“I kept working weekends at the Holiday Inn for seven years even after I began working for the town,” she said. “I gave up that job about a year ago.”

On top of everything else she does, Wendy is helping to manage the family farm near Arriba with her two sisters.

Although she is on the go most days, Wendy tries to find time to her six grandchildren and all of their activities.

“I also have a good time working with my daughter-in-law Miranda on scrapbooking and picture books.”

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