Thursday, August 27, 2015

A time in the past.

Jessica Hoffman
Craig Bailey stands proudly by the old “Master Clock.”

The Clock in the main office of the school was originally purchased by Limon Schools in the late 1920's and was made by the International Time Recording Co. which is part of today's IBM company.  It is what is referred to as a "Master Clock" because it controlled the bell system and also was connected to all of the clocks in the various classrooms and sent a signal every minute to make sure they stayed on time with the Master Clock.  In the center of the clock there are a stack of 7 big brass dials, 1 for each day of the week and they had teeth that could be moved to set the bell schedule for each day.  As the clock runs, it advances the dials and would ring the bells when it reached the correct time.  

At Limon, as the story is told by some Alumni, the clock was hung in the hallway outside the Superintendent's office.  When the big “old High School” was torn down in the early 1960's it was sold at auction.  It changed hands one more time before ending up with a man in Yuma.  He contacted the Alumni Association in January of 2013 wanting to sell it back. 

The Alumni Association purchased the clock and then raised some donations to have it restored. 
Last spring, the clock was restored but it was found to be in almost perfect order.  The clocksmith cleaned it and made sure it was running properly.  It now is once again keeping time in the office of the new school......although no longer running the bells.  

Later this fall, the plan is to build a shelf/stand for it using bricks from the old Elementary.  Next time you're in the school office check it out and be sure to listen to it clank every 60 seconds! 

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