Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Opinions starting to roll in

Dear Editor,

RECYCLING- It’s a good deal! Wait a minute...The Town bills me for recycling, which I may or may not want to do, and collects my $7.00. Approximately a 42 percent increase in my trash fee. The Town then pays my $7.00 to Mr. Holley to pick up my recycling. The Town save between $1.05 and $3.00 in landfill fees. Mr. Holley reaps the profits from the recycling and he has my $7.00.

In return for my $7.00, that the Town has paid to Mr. Holley, the Town is also billing and collecting a fee from him. Therefore, the Town is also paying for postage, envelopes, paper, accounting, etc. for the collection of such fee in Mr. Holley’s benefit and behalf. More than likely the Town will also take the complaint calls if the recycling is not picked up in a timely manner or if the wind has blown it all about. But, lets not forget, the Town has saved $1.29.

This is a good deal for “someone” but not for me, nor the Town of Limon. I will continue to use the current recycling facilities already in place.

Respectfully submitted,
Christie Buchanan

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