Friday, October 9, 2015

Town Board considers recycling program

By Will Bublitz

A proposal for a townwide recycling program was presented to the Limon Board of Trustees at its Thursday, Oct. 1 meeting, but before agreeing to it the trustees are asking for the community’s input.
Kennard Holley, the owner/manager of Recyco, LLC of Limon, said his new company plans to offer recycling services to all residences and businesses inside the town. The recycling items that will be picked up include aluminum, metal cans and plastics.

“Recyco LLC will provide weekly curbside service, provide the recycling receptacle and handle all issues and components of the recycling process at curbside,” Holley said.

Under Holley’s proposal, the Town of Limon would enter into a year contract with Recyco LLC and agree to pay a $7 per month fee on every residential account. Businesses would be charged on a case-by-case basis after determining the volume of their recycling material.

Holley explained that part of the $7 monthly household fee would be made up by the anticipated cost savings resulting from his recycling program. He calculated that at least $1.05 per residential account could be saved and possibly as much as $3.

These cost savings would result from the overall reduction in the volume of trash taken by the Town of Limon to the Lincoln County Landfill. By eliminating plastics, metal cans and aluminum from the trash, the town’s trucks would reduce the number of their trips to the landfill, burn less fuel and pay fewer landfill fees.

The board members expressed interest in Holley’s proposal. Some asked if the program might also take paper, cardboard and other recyclables.

Responding to that question was Justin Parker, the owner of a successful recycling company in Pueblo who consulted with Holley on his proposal. He explained the proposal is just for plastics, metal cans and aluminum at present, but the program could be expanded “down the road.”

Town Manager Dave Stone said that before agreeing to a year contract with Recyco, the board must consider whether the town residents would be willing to pay up to $7 more a month for trash service to cover the new recycling program. “That’s the big question,” he said.

The current monthly bill for trash service is $16.73 for each residence within the Town of Limon.
Stone said he would prepare a resolution on proposed Recyco contract and present it at the board’s November 5 meeting. Mayor Julie Coonts said the board wants to “get feedback from the community” on the proposal before it votes.

In other business at Thursday’s meeting, the board approved an agreement for an Aviation System Grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics. The grant funds will be used to pay for the development of a Master Plan for the Limon Municipal Airport.

Under the agreement, the Town of Limon will pay a 5-percent match toward the Airport Master Plan. The Federal Aviation Administration is paying 90 percent of the cost.

The board approved a second resolution Thursday to accept a proposal from Braun Northwest, Inc. to remount/refurbish a 2003 Braun Module onto a 2016 Ford F450 chassis of one of the ambulances of the Limon Ambulance Service. The “module” is the box-shaped structure on the rear of the ambulance.

The cost of the ambulance repair is $117,542. Ninety percent of that cost will be covered by a Colorado EMS Grant. The remaining 10 percent will be matched by the Town of Limon through its Ambulance Equipment Reserve.

The board also approved an ordinance amending several old ordinances. The 18-page document covered revisions to town codes about the abatement of dangerous buildings, junk vehicles, refuse and recyclables, and weed control.

In one other decision, the board unanimously voted to appoint Brian Noakes to the Limon Planning Commission. His term of office will expire in October 2021.

The board also briefly discussed the upcoming budget process. A draft of the 2016 budget will be presented on October 15. A budget workshop will then be held in mid-November. Adoption of next year’s budget will take place at the board’s December meeting.

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