Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Youth Leadership Tour Awarded

K.C. Electric is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Youth Leadership Tour and Cooperative Youth Leadership Camp. 

Katherine Renee Liptrap of Hugo, Colo. was selected as the student to go to Washington D.C. as part of the 2016 Youth Tour. That trip will be June 9-16, 2016. 

Kristen Lee Veliz from Vona, Colo. was selected to attend the Cooperative Youth Leadership Camp at the Glen Eden Resort in Clark, Colo.  Glen Eden is just 18 miles north of Steamboat.  That trip will be July 17-22, 2016.

Congratulations to both young ladies.  These are awesome opportunities to grow and learn and we believe they will benefit greatly from these opportunities.  Winners were selected by the scholarship committee of the K.C. Electric Board of Directors.

Katherine Liptrap

Kristen Veliz

Thursday, December 3, 2015

2015 Jon Scott Chili Cook Off Winners

Limon Housing Authority 4th Annual Jon Scott Chili Cook Off winners are: Peggy McDannel winning 1st and Karen Williams placing 2nd.

The two women are sisters and participate in all the dinners held at Limon Housing Authority.  They also have another sister, Camille Olson who live at Limon Housing Authority after recently moving to Limon. 

All three are great cooks and there is never a dull moment when the "Sisters" are around. Congratulations!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Voter turnout falls under 36%

The official voter turnout in Colorado's 2015 "off year" election was 35.7 percent, Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams announced last week.

The Nov. 3 election featured one statewide ballot measure, on marijuana taxes, a school board recall in the Jefferson County School District and various other races and issues.

The statewide voter registration system shows that of Colorado's 3,513,1688 voters, 1,241,055 voted by mail ballot, while another 13,115 voted in person.

"The single biggest factor in turnout is the candidates and issues that are on the ballot," Williams said. "That's why we anticipate a higher turnout in 2016, which is a presidential election year."

The turnout this year is less than in the last coordinated election, in 2013, when 46.2 percent of Coloradans voted in the first state-mandated mail-ballot election. On the ballot that year was Amendment 66, a controversial $950 million tax hike for education that was overwhelmingly defeated.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Photo Contest Winner

FORT MORGAN – Morgan Community College (MCC) congratulates Dean Thorne of Fort Morgan for submitting the winning image for the College’s annual calendar photo contest.

“The committee reviewed over 65 entries for next year’s poster,” said Katie Barron, Director of College Communications and Marketing. “As with each year, the committee is challenged to select just one image.”

Thorne’s photograph was taken on County Road 22 near Highway 76. “I love how the frost obscures the color and outlines, making everything almost like a pencil drawing,” shares the photographer.
The image, “Frozen in Time,” is featured on the 2016 poster calendar and is available for free at all MCC locations.

The calendar project, which began in 1996, represents the entire MCC service area in eastern Colorado.

Wildlife collisions above average.

Each fall, data show an increase in wildlife-vehicle collisions on Colorado highways.

With the first few storms of the season, wildlife have moved down from the high country as they do each year—and they continue to move to food and water sources, crossing highways along their routes. A majority of the collisions occur during dark hours, from dusk to dawn, when wildlife are more active and they are also more difficult to see.

In Colorado there were 3,960 wildlife-vehicle collisions (WVC) reported to law enforcement in 2014 (the most recent data), up from 3,437 in 2013 and above the 10-year average of 3,590 (the highest amount of hits reported in one year was 4,013 in 2012). Of the 3,960 WVCs in 2014, 3,667 involved vehicle damage, 287 involved injuries and 6 involved human fatalities (source:  CDOT Traffic & Safety Division).