Friday, January 1, 2016

Ports‐to‐Plains: North America’s Energy Corridor

The Ports‐to‐Plains Alliance tagline says “Securing the Benefits of Commerce to North America’s Energy & Agricultural Heartland.” The highway system connects a region that includes significant conventional and renewable resources. Energy security is provided by North America’s energy development and the Ports‐to‐Plains provides the connections needed to development those resources including world class oil, gas and wind resources.

From an oil and gas viewpoint it connects Alberta, Canada and Texas, both the production and reserve leaders in the world. The highway system moves the people and equipment needed to develop these resources. The Oil Sands in Alberta, Canada; the Bakken in North Dakota, Montana, Saskatchewan and South Dakota; the Niobrara in Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska; and the Barnett and Permian in Texas; and the Eagle Ford in Texas and Coahuila, Mexico are connected by the Ports‐to‐Plains Corridor. The Corridor provides the connection between the Houston, Denver and Calgary. To summarize the oil and gas role of the region:
Renewable wind resources are also abundant throughout the region.

Seven of top 10 and eight of the top 15 oil producing states, producing over 1.667 billion barrels annually in 2015.

Alberta ranks third, after Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, in terms of proven recoverable global crude oil reserves. Five of the top eight and seven of the top 15 natural gas producing states that
produced over 57.5 percent or 13,966,836 million cubic feet in 2012.

Oil and natural gas accounts for three million jobs or 35.8 percent of the nation in the region, generating incomes of over $208.5 billion or 40.5 percent of the entire nation's oil and gas jobs and income.

Four of the top 10 and seven of the top 20 U.S. states for Installed Wind Capacity
(2013) with 21,687 MW. Texas ranks number one. The region accounts for 68.8 million
MWH of electrical generation or 48.9 percent of the total wind generation in the U.S.

• Top six nationwide, eight of the top 10 U.S. states for potential wind energy generation and generating over 8,317 MW, nearly 76.9 percent of the U.S. total. These wind resources are resulting in the addition of manufacturing facilities for nacelles (turbines), blades and towers in Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming and North Dakota. Production and manufacturing creates jobs and tax base for many of our communities.

Ports‐to‐Plains is a grassroots alliance of over 275 communities and businesses, including major alliance partners Heartland Expressway, Theodore Roosevelt Expressway and Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor Coalition, whose mission is to advocate for a robust international transportation infrastructure to promote economic security and prosperity throughout North America's energy and agricultural heartland including Mexico to Canada. Additional information on the Ports‐to‐Plains Alliance is available at

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