Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hello, from the Evangelist

I would like to extend my sincere heart-felt greetings to the beautiful town of Limon, Colo.  My name is Tom Wright, and I am one of the evangelists now working for the Limon Church of Christ. The other evangelist is Danny Aragon.  It is an honor and privilege for me to be a fellow worker within this wonderful congregation of Christian laborers, Danny, and God (1 Cor. 3.9). 

 As to background, I grew up in Iowa. After high school, I served in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War, and then honorably discharged. Next, after graduating college, I spent 20-plus years working in manufacturing engineering. In my forties, I left secular work to enter ministry, while earning Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Theology and Biblical Studies along the way. 

Consequently, for the past 20years, I have taught Bible class, served as pulpit minister, and held Bible studies with numerous individuals. Additionally, I have been blessed of God to write and publish over 10 books on a variety of theological issues.  Finally, I love spending time with my wife Carla (who is a licensed professional pet groomer), grown children, and grandchildren.

Lastly, since we are here to spiritually minister to God, Limon Church of Christ, and the adjacent communities, please contact Danny 719-980-0587 or, or myself at 719-964-8493 or We are here to help tend to your Bible needs no matter what they may be.  We will also be contributing a Biblical newspaper article every week on a rotating basis for the benefit of our readers. It will be titled “FROM THE EVANGELIST.”


Tom Wright (evangelist)  

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