Thursday, February 25, 2016

Seedling Trees


Orders may be placed at the Lincoln County Extension Office by calling 743-2542 and receiving an order form.  Order your trees as soon as possible as some varieties are in limited supply such as Eastern Red Cedar, Ponderosa Pine and Rocky Mountain Juniper.

These trees are supplied by the Colorado State Forest Service Nursery. Some of the varieties available in the bare-root trees are: Native Plum, Sumac, Hybrid Cottonwood, Willows and Nanking Cherry, plus many others. 

Bare-root trees may be purchased in lots of 25 ONLY and are $26 per lot plus tax & handling fee.
Some of the potted trees available are: Colorado Blue Spruce, Austrian Pine, Ponderosa Pine and Eastern Red Cedar, plus many others.  Potted trees can be purchased in lots of 30 ONLY and are $76 per lot plus tax & handling fee.  There are also some varieties available in Trays of 50 and are $50 per lot plus tax & handling fee. There will be a limited supply of Extra Large Potted Austrian Pine, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Colorado Blue Spruce and Eastern Red Cedar for $9 each.

NEW – Variety Packs and Perennials are now being offered!

Trees ordered now will arrive in March.

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