Sunday, March 20, 2016

Arriba man jailed on narcotics charges

 By Will Bublitz

An Arriba man is now behind bars at the Lincoln County Jail after he was found in possession of a large amount of methamphetamine last week.

James Spaulding, 38, was arrested on Wednesday, March 9 by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies. He is being held on a “no-bond hold” until his arraignment.

What led to Spaulding’s arrest was the Sheriff’s Office investigation into a alleged domestic violence situation that took place at his residence about two weeks previously.

“We got a call about the assault and had it under investigation,” said Capt. Michael Yowell of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. “We finally obtained a search warrant on March 9.”
A dozen Sheriff’s deputies converged on Spaulding’s residence in Arriba that same day.

“We executed the search warrant,” Yowell said. “Once we got inside the house, we found the narcotics.”

Because the discovery of the illegal drugs was unexpected and not covered under the original search warrant, a second search warrant had to be quickly obtained. Once in possession of the new warrant, the deputies seized the methamphetamine and placed Spaulding under arrest.

“We recovered a sizable amount of methamphetamine from the house,” Yowell said.

After his arrest, Spaulding was transported to the Lincoln County Jail in Hugo. He has been charged with the possession of a controlled substance, second degree assault, criminal mischief and domestic violence.

“The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is very happy our investigation led to this arrest and we hope there will be more to come,” Yowell said. “Our deputies are working to combat narcotics and its movement through Lincoln County. We will follow up on any narcotics-related information that we obtain. Our goal is to get these illegal drugs out of here.”

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