Saturday, May 7, 2016

Donate Empty Pill Bottles

In developing countries, medicines—when actually obtainable—are often dispensed into hands, pockets, leaves or any other available container.

The Genoa, Kirk and Stratton United Methodist Churches invites you to donate empty pill bottles in support of Matthew 25 Ministries which provides basic medical supplies such as empty pill bottles to help improve health care quality in developing nations. Donations of clean, unlabeled pill bottles help the poorest of the poor in many ways: Medicine can be distributed in sterile containers and this plastic recycling program keeps thousands of bottles out of landfills each year. Placing a nickel, dime or quarter in each pill bottle helps with shipping costs to send the bottles to developing countries.
Acceptable collection items include:

* Prescription Pill Bottles                                                        
 *Over the Counter Pill Bottles
 *Large Pill Bottles                                                                   
 *Small Pill Bottles
 *Pill Bottles with Secure Caps (child resistant)                  
 *Pill Bottles without Secure Caps

To prepare containers for donation:
Remove labels and adhesive (a quick dip in boiling water may remove the label if it is unpealable followed by something such as nail polish remover to remove lingering adhesive). Wash all bottles and caps in very hot water and dish soap. Washable bottles must have an all plastic lid. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Lincoln County to see more wind energy

By Will Bublitz

In the coming months, Lincoln County residents can expect to see even more of those giant wind energy towers rising above the prairie.

Last month, Xcel Energy and Vestas Wind Systems announced their plans to build Colorado’s biggest wind farm in the local area. This huge 300-tower project is expected to produce 600-megawatts of electrical power which is enough to power 180,000 homes.

Called the Rush Creek Wind Project, it is currently owned and being developed by Invenergy Wind Development LLC, a company headquartered in Chicago, Ill. Once completed, Xcel Energy will take over the ownership and operation of the new facility.

“The project will actually be two wind farms,” Krista Mann, Senior Business Development Manager for Invenergy. “One of the farms will be totally located in Elbert County. The second farm will be split between Lincoln, Cheyenne and Kit Carson counties.”

The wind farm in Elbert County, called Rush Creek I, is the larger of the two. It will consist of 200 wind turbines capable of producing 400 megawatts of power. It will be constructed south of Highway 24 in eastern Elbert County.

Rush Creek II, the smaller wind farm, will have 100 turbines capable of producing 200 megawatts of electricity. It will be located east of Hugo in the area where the three counties meet. How many of those 100 wind towers will be located in Lincoln County has not yet been determined.
The total area of the project is expected to be about 95,000 acres. The vast majority of this land is currently used for agriculture.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Vote for local store!

You can help our local Sinclair station win a contest. Just click HERE and vote for our local Fast and Friendly Sinclair station.