Thursday, July 21, 2016

Water Alert

***Attention Hugo Residents*** Earlier this afternoon Hugo Public Works notified Lincoln County Sheriff's Office that there was evidence of THC in the Town of Hugo's water supply.

We are asking everyone on Hugo water to avoid drinking, cooking, and bathing in Hugo Water.

At this time, Investigators are assessing the situation with state and federal authorities. Bathroom usage is still safe, but until more information is known to us, out of an abundance of caution, avoid drinking Town of Hugo Water.

Fresh water is on the way to the community.

The Sheriff will update everyone via Facebook and Twitter when it arrives.

Follow us on twitter: @LincolnCountySO with ‪#‎HugosWater‬


  1. I recently saw this about how the police drug test kits are notoriously giving false positives to almost any substrate. Before you go all bomkers.... test some other stuff.

  2. No, you know THC isn't water soluble. Raw cannabis has NO THC. The plant has THCA which requires heating to 225 degrees to convert it to the psychoactive THC. Then THC must be infused into a fat solution. So, unless Dixie products have a factory seeping pot pop into the water shed there is NO THC is the water. Hysteria over cannabis is easily sparked so don't print what is patently revealed, with a little research not to be true. Here is the journalist's retraction which the sheriff can use to calm the public and apology to the cannabis businesses. Thank you.…/no-thc-in-colorado-towns-wat…