Friday, September 23, 2016

Badgers @ Strasburg

Old Time Baseball

Travel back in time to the 1870s!   Experience America's Pastime as it was in the days when "base ball" (note the two words) was a game for ladies and gentlemen to come together as community to root for the home team! 

On Saturday, Sept. 24 at 1 p.m., the Colorado Vintage Base Ball Association will be coming to Hugo to take us back to that bygone era as the Central City Stars will take on the Denver & Rio Grande Reds in an exhibition match played at the Genoa-Hugo ball field.  Founded in 1993, the CVBBA teams travel around the state playing historically- accurate games, inviting communities to enjoy in the nostalgia of base ball in its pure, original form , complete with uniforms, equipment, and even nicknames accurate to the time period.  

The game was set up by Clayton Phythian, in appreciation of Lincoln County’s rich sports history, The admission is free and Clayton  hopes of expanding it in the future.  

   As you sit down to join the other "cranks and rooters" (fans) in the stands, you will immediately notice some of the more obvious difference from the game as we know it today: the "hurler" tosses underhand and is only 45 feet away from the "striker” and there is only one umpire who, if was unsure of the call would ask a spectator.

As the game begins, You’ll realize there are several  rule changes that occurred. Remember this was when ballist didn’t have gloves.

For more information on the rules and history of the game check out the co vintage base ball association website

Thursday, September 22, 2016

G-H School Board updates handbook

By Will Bublitz

To clarify the responsibilities of student athletes, coaches and administrators, the Genoa-Hugo Board of Education approved a revision to the school’s Athletic Handbook during its Monday, Sept. 19 meeting.

Superintendent Randy Holmen said a revision was needed to the rules governing whether a student athlete is allowed to attend practices or compete after an absence from school due to illness or some other reason.

“Kids are expected to be in school,” Holmen said. “Part of our job is to teach responsibility. However, I think we need to look at the handbook.”

Most of the revision discussion centered around the Athletic Handbook’s rule that student athletes who miss practice the day prior to a competition are required to “sit out” a designated period of the following day’s game.

Some board members said they wanted to avoid situations where ill students have attended school to avoid the handbook’s rules that would force them to sit out a portion of the next day’s competition. However, they also stressed they wanted to keep the rules strong enough to prevent students from avoiding their responsibilities.

After some discussion, the board decided to give the coaches and administrators more discretion in making decisions about individual student athletes. They settled upon two revisions to the Athletic Handbook under its section on “Practice Rules and Procedures.”

Friday, September 9, 2016

Badger Boys in Crowley County

It's that time of the year!!!! Football is back!!!
Plan on joining Richard Yarian, Andrea Whitmore Andersen and Timothy S Andersen for the FB game at Ordway/Crowley County if you can't be there.