Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The migration season brings an increase of wildlife/vehicle collisions!

Vehicle collisions with wildlife happen year round, but statistics indicate that the migration of animals to their wintering habitats can lead to higher incidents of wildlife-vehicle collisions during the fall and winter seasons. The Colorado Department of Wildlife (CDOT) and partnering agencies, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and Colorado State Patrol (CSP), remind motorists to be alert because, “Wildlife are on the Move

“It’s a very significant occurrence – the migration of wildlife. We need to understand that while roads have been built for our convenience, they are sometimes paved in the middle of animal migration corridors,” said Mark Lawler, CDOT biologist. “As snow begins to fall in the high country, the changing weather pushes wildlife to the foothills and lower elevations. The animals’ natural instinct sends them in search of food and water sources which means crossing our state’s roads and highways.”

Motorists should be aware that wildlife can cross roads without warning at most any time of day or night, but a majority of animal-vehicle collisions occur from dusk to dawn, when wildlife are more active and unfortunately more difficult to see. Over the past ten years the state has seen an average of 3,300 reported wildlife related collisions each year.  Also in that ten year period 2,661 crashes involved driver or passenger injuries. And sadly, 33 of the collisions resulted in fatalities.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Voice of Ag


I continually get asked about the ballot questions and am always happy to be helpful. People know that I am not politically correct and I will tell you exactly what I think, even if we disagree.  This column is no different. My general rule is, “If I have doubts, I will vote NO.”

Colorado is one of the easiest states in the country for its citizens to petition their government. We started with over 150 questions on the ballot and after the dust has settled, we will vote on nine.

Amendment T - Currently, we still have references to slavery and involuntary servitude for prisoners in our Constitution. Slavery has been outlawed for decades and the Legislature has proposed that Colorado should remove those outdated references. I agree and will vote YES.

Amendment U - Possessory interest taxes are levied on people that rent government property. Often times these taxes cost more to collect than they actually bring in. According to the Blue Book, the average ag possessory interest tax is $10 and officials say it costs more than it is worth. I think this tax on people leasing government property is silly so I will vote YES.

Amendment 69 - Probably the worst amendment to our Constitution I have seen in my lifetime. You will pay 10% more taxes on every aspect of your income. That includes Social Security and the sale of any property. The new tax will be around $25 billion with a “b.” This does not create free health care, it creates a bureaucracy that is accountable to nobody. That bureaucracy will then determine what is medical conditions will be covered and how much will be paid to doctors and hospitals for your “free” healthcare. This bureaucracy also will have the power to levy more taxes if the cost of this “free” healthcare is more than 10% and $25 billion. This is a disaster for Colorado and I will vote NO.