Advertising Rates

The Limon Leader/Eastern Colorado Plainsman

Circulation 1200/500

SMH Publications, LLC.

Published every Thursday



Display Advertising:

$5.50 per column inch (one paper)

Pickup rate: $4.25 per column inch (second paper)

Ad must be run at regular rate in one paper to receive the pickup rate in the 2nd paper


Limon Leader Standard Rates:

Size            Column Inches         Cost

1/4 page        31.5                         $173.25

1/2 page         63                          $346.50

Full page      126                         $693.00


Eastern Colorado Plainsman Standard Rates:

Size           Column Inches          Cost

1/4 page        16.25                        $89.38

1/2 page        32.5                         $178.75

Full Page      65                           $357.50


Facebook Advertising:

We reach thousands of people in our local communities every week!

$10.00 per post if advertising in our newspaper also.

$25.00 per post for Facebook only


Full Color: an additional $275.00 flat rate

Spot Color: additional $75.00 flat rate


Business Directory:

$45.50 per column inch for 13 weeks (savings of $26.00)


Classified Advertising:

$5.50 for first 20 words. $.20 per additional word.  Half price pickup rate in the 2nd paper

Death notices: $10 flat rate

Obituaries: $30.00 flat rate


Public/Legal Notices:

$4.08 per column inch for first week.

$3.06 per column inch for additional weeks.



(per thousand, per paper, 1000 minimum)

8 ½ x 11 sheet $70.00       12 page tab   $100.00

4 page tab  $80.00           16 page tab   $110.00    

8 page tab  $90.00           20 page tab $120.00

Additional page $10.00 per thousand per 4 page increments

$35.00 additional charge if inserts require folding


Contact Juliet for all your advertising needs at 719-892-0488 or call  the office at 719-775-2064 --or use the Contact Button below.

Yearly Subscriptions: $25.00 in state- $30.00 out of state.

Yearly Online subscriptions: $40.00 for both the Limon Leader and the Eastern Colorado Plainsman

All rates effective 1/1/2020.  SMH Publications reserves the right to change these rates at any time.

The Limon Leader and The Eastern Colorado Plainsman


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