Monday, October 20, 2014

10-20 Digital Thought

Did you get your ballot in the mail today? Listen to today's digital thought while you open it, then fill it out and send it back!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Football on, TODAY at 12:55 pm! 
Join us for 1A High School Football as the Limon Badgers visit the Byers Bulldoogs.
Andrea Andersen, Rich Yarian, and Tim Andersen will have the call.
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

A History of Hugo

Hugo History
By Terry W. Blevins

In the 1850s, a young white man from Missouri arrived in the area later known as Colorado. His name was John W. Barron, later known as “Cap” Barron.

Soon, gold was discovered in the Rocky Mountain, but to get to the gold, prospectors had to cross what New York newspaperman Horace Greeley dismissed as a region “of sterility and thirst.” This region was home to Cap Barron, and later was home to Hugo.

A couple of stage lines came through the area not long afterward; the Leavenworth & Pikes Peak line arrived in 1859 but was in business only a few months. The Butterfield Overland Dispatch arrived in 1864 and stayed longer. The B. O. D. located a station just west of present day Hugo, and called it “Hogan’s station.” Cap Barron became the B. O. D. agent at Hogan’s station, and had land in that area, including a plentiful supply of water, later known as Cap Barron’s Spring.

October 9, Digital Thought

10-9 Digital Thought.
Antelope and Livestock being poached north of Hugo. Charles is NOT happy!